Success Stories

a case cryptococcal meningitis

This patient came with complains for headache and vomitings since 1 week which did not subside with diiferent medications prescribed by various doctors.

he was admitted in our hospital and was evaluated for headache by CT SCAN brain and then lumbar puncture and csf analysis and other routine tests.

his cd4 count was 57 and viral load was 3,45000 at the time of admission. 

his ct scan was normal but his csf analysis showed cryptococcal antgen positive and indian ink stain also showed cryptococci.

patient was stated on amphotercin was on that medication for 2 weeks.his headache subsided after 3 days .

he was started  on ART AFTER 2weeks and was dicharged on 13th day and was kept on fluconazole maintainance therapy

he was on regular follow up and after 6 months his cd4 count is 284  and viral load was undetectable.


1) CRPYTOCOCCAL MENINGITIS is one of the most common oppertunisticinfections whose cd4 counts are less than 100.

2) has high mortality if not treated early.